Adding wings to your career: reasons why an MBA is important!

We at Are you the one whose plans for CAT preparation are falling like a ‘ House of Cards ? ‘ Don’t worry team FUNDAMAKERS is always dedicated towards helping the aspirants in every possible way we can, but before that read this -

Always remember your goal
No, we do NOT refer to the obvious one, to score the maximum you can on the CAT or even your Ultimate Goal, which is to start off a great career. We refer here to the goals you set for yourselves when you are committed to taking on the examination. Divide each part of your preparation first into months. Set targets for yourself or, if you want a more realistic perspective, ask your friends and teachers for help in determining what those targets will be. Once you have those goals established, organize further. Ask yourselves how much effort it will take you each day to complete the monthly targets that you have set. Map it out on an excel file or choose to write it out on paper and keep this schedule handy.
Place it on your bedside table, stick it on the wall above your bed, turn it into your desktop wallpaper, set reminders on your phones, set a ‘CAT threat’ as your voice note; whatever works for you! But make no mistake; if you do NOT internalize your schedules; if you do NOT stick to it; if you waver, whatever be the reasons, you WILL lose your way. Your targets should be sacrosanct, inviolable because only then can you work on those every single day. You’ll need that because the CAT isn’t an easy catch. It is said, and wisely so, that ‘the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’ What is NOT always apparent is the unspoken truth; the first step, while perhaps the most significant, must be followed thereafter by step after step before one completes the journey; and that is why one must!
Always talk with your mentors and teachers:
This is especially for the beginners. If there is anybody who is going to relate to your misery and reduce it better than any of your peers, it’s a teacher. Someone who has already seen the intensity of the exam and most likely has multiple tricks up his/her sleeve to make your targets seem simpler to achieve. Even if you don’t know, they will and most teachers will go out of their way to help you. You have to merely ask. They will help you because your success is monetarily and morally theirs. So, what are you waiting for ? Go and get your doubts cleared from your assigned mentor at FUNDAMAKERS!

Always Stick to the Game plan:
We are all lords at creating meticulous and fool-proof game-plans, and wouldn’t life be so much simpler if we could, just for once, stick to our game plans, for once, remember that it takes a year to find another CAT. Time is precious, both during the exam itself and during your preparation. Every moment you spend not following your established schedule, remember, someone else, somewhere else is working on his/her plan, sticking to his/her own schedule and when the time comes that person is likely to be better organized than you and better prepared than you. That person will score better and quite possibly have a shot at a future better than yours. Hence, always stick to the game plan.

Always make time for things you love:

A lot of us fail to understand the importance of recreation; it is a stabilizer, a rejuvenator; it helps us decompress but more importantly it serves to gives us hope and even more importantly, it reminds us why this particular journey is important not just for ourselves but for those too who depend on us to succeed, who count on us to provide ourselves with a future far brighter than what we would perhaps imagine for ourselves were it not for their presence or happiness. Spend quality time with the people who matter to you. Ask for their help to help you better organize. For instance, if a colleague or a family member whom you trust and work well with is aware that you ’re undertaking preparations for an examination, he or she is more likely to help you. You can maybe change your shifts or delegate chores which affect your schedule. In nine cases out of ten, if you ask for help, they will. If you are more inwardly oriented, catch a bus to a place you’ve always wanted to visit. Familiarize yourself with news, updates and discussions on different topics. That might help build the confidence you need to confront any RC passage. Or switch tabs and find solace in Netflix when you can see nothing but Quant on the screen, but retain the ability to always accomplish the targets that you have set yourselves!

Always try to stay healthy: It’s needless to say that healthy people do everything better than those who are emotionally or physically troubled. Follow the axiom: A healthy body harbors a healthy mind. That’s not to say that you abstain from all the little joys that youth offers, but do everything in moderation. Do party when you must, eat out once in a while, do meet friends but ensure your study timetable comes first. If possible, eat healthy, exercise and meditate a little every day. If not possible, make an effort; make it possible. Sweat today so you may shine tomorrow. Remember always, giving up is easy. Millions do it every day. Don’t be one of them. Persevere!
Always remember that you are not the only one:
This article doesn’t mean to question your uniqueness by any means, this is only to remind you, you’re neither the first person nor the only person to appear for the exam, and that in itself should be enough to motivate you, because from experience, we can say that the opportunities we take are not the ones we regret, but we surely regret those we pass by. So, awaken, light your hopes and march forward with a resolute step!